Family Law

                    Family Law


                    Many of you have received or are expecting to receive the coronavirus stimulus check from the federal government, and if you are divorced or in the process of divorce, you may wonder how that will affect your check. Also, if you are divorced, which parent should receive the portion of the check related to the minor children?

                    Ryan Nowlin provides his insights on these topics in the video below:


                    In order to develop the best resolutions for our clients, we frequently collaborate with other industry experts, including business valuators, forensic accountants and financial planners, psychologists, counselors and parenting coordinators, all of whom assist us in fashioning thoughtful solutions to complex issues. Our attorneys provide expert counsel and advice in a variety of family law situations, including the following:

                    Property/Asset Division

                    Important factors to consider in divorce and dissolution include the determination as to whether property is marital or premarital / separate, valuing assets (including residential and commercial real estate and businesses), tracing premarital assets / separate property, and evaluating property division options in light of tax consequences. Our attorneys engage other professionals, as appropriate, to assist in the complexities of property/asset division.

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                    Sub Practice Groups

                    • Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities

                      We also assist our clients in the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and in ascertaining an appropriate level of spousal support and child support, whether in the context of a divorce/dissolution or in Juvenile Court proceedings. We are committed to finding satisfactory resolutions for each particular situation, understanding that the best outcome is not the same in every case.

                    • Collaborative Divorce

                    • Divorce and Dissolution


                      The decision to end a marriage with divorce can be very difficult and emotional. We advise those who are in the process of making such a decision. Our attorneys guide and counsel individuals based upon a thorough understanding of their unique circumstances and the consideration of the best ways to protect their rights and assets.


                      Parties may negotiate and collaboratively reach a final agreement by way of a dissolution of marriage. We counsel parties through this process by creating a timeline, working through issues like the valuation and division of assets, the determination of support obligations, and the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities. Our lawyers are skilled in preparing and reviewing the proper documentation (including separation agreements and parenting plans)required by the Court when filing a petition for dissolution.

                    • Prenuptial Agreements

                      Our lawyers draft and review prenuptial agreements for clients whose wish to protect premarital/separate property in the event of a termination of their marriage by death or divorce.

                    • Post-Divorce Decree Modifications/Enforcement

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